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We are a locally owned home bakery specializing in homemade cinnamon rolls available in a variety of flavors. Like many others; when the pandemic hit in March, I began exploring my hobbies and passions which lead me back to a love of baking given to me by my mom and grandma. This is where our peanut butter cinnamon rolls come in. These rolls have been a family recipe used for special occasions dating back to my great grandmother. They signal community and celebration. The first time I made them on my own felt special and I knew we needed to share them with others.

To me, there is nothing better than breakfast shared with family or friends on a day with no plans. I love being able to wake up and enjoy the morning and time spent with each other. At Cedar Street Rolls, we believe good food should bring people together. I want to capture this feeling by providing handcrafted cinnamon rolls right here in the Cedar Valley. Our hope is to take the stress away from your mornings and give you more time to spend with the people you love, all while enjoying your favorite cinnamon rolls.

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